• Ryley Steggall

From Lysander - 7/20

7/20- Wow! Today was honestly the best day of camp yet! We did so many fun things today, and it was a perfect balance of games, exercises and scene work. We blocked on of the longest and most important scenes in the entire play (it’s like, 10 pages!) and though it took a while, it looks so so good, and i wouldn’t have had it any other way. To help us along the way, we watched professional actors doing the same scene, and it really helped all the actors involved get a better feel of how high paced the scene is,and how high the stakes are. Besides that, we played Four square again, and we also played a fun new game called half life, which is my favorite by far! It helps you condense and refine a scene, in this case just an improvisation scene, and just get the main points across. This helps A LOT when you’re in a scene and nothing is happening for one reason or another, and you just need the scene to be over. Today we also worked a lot with our movement coach, we did more deep breathing exercises and we did animal work, which is the most fun. Animal work is where someone randomly names an animal, and you have to transform into that animal using your body and your voice. We did everything from giraffes to lions, and then we figured out what animal our character would be, depending on their personality traits and/or what is said about them in the script. It is so much fun, and I can’t wait to see everyone on Monday!!   

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