• Ryley Steggall

From Lysander - 7/19

7/19- Today we blocked all of Act II! We were on a roll today, and because of our team dynamic, we were very efficient today in all of our work, on stage and off. Everyone is starting to get into their characters, and get more sturdy on their lines. In all the scenes we blocked today, everybody was really getting into it, and bringing 110% of themselves and their acting abilities to the table. We worked a lot on our characters today, getting into who they really are and their motives, objectives, attitudes, and obstacles. We sat down with each other and analyzed a scene or two from our scripts to try and figure out these things about our character, and most importantly, their super objective. We also answered a series of questions about our character, some being “what is your character’s favorite dessert?” and “what is your character most afraid of?”. I think doing this helped me grow as my character and I think it helped a lot of others as well. Another exercise we did was working on our character’s walks. This is very important because how your character walks is a vital part of the show, and it shows who they are and who they represent in society. My character leads with their chest, as they are very confident, yet humble. I also worked on lines a lot with many of the people I am in scenes with, and I used some of them as resources on what lines mean, and how to pronounce them, and what kind of chemistry should we have in the scene. Today was a really great day, and I’m sure tomorrow will be even better!

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