• Ryley Steggall

From Lysander - 7/16

7/16- We got our parts today!!! I personally think this play is going to be amazing, everyone got roles that they fit right into, and everyone seemed very happy and most importantly comfortable with their roles. We did a read through of the script as a cast today and I started to really feel the chemistry between all the members of our team, and I couldn’t ask for a better cast or better administrators (especially our director, she’s awesome). We spent quality time outside as a cast during our lunch break and we bonded over music, pets, hobbies, and everything else in between. I know I definitely got closer to a lot of people, which I feel is going to help the dynamic of the play, and help in run smoother. We started working on lines and discussed tactics as a group on how to memorize your lines easily and efficiently, and I learned many new methods. After lunch, we played some more improvisation games, and we all had a good laugh with each other playing Freeze and Family Photo. Let’s just say this cast has a thing for Pickle Factories. Then we went into the other room and learned about iambic pentameter and how Shakespeare uses punctuation to help you breathe, and we analyzed some text from Hamlet. This helped me survey my script and add in breath marks and thought changes that helped me develop my character. Today I felt like I learned a lot about how to be a better Shakespearean actress, and I can’t wait to learn new things tomorrow.   

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