How we work

OCSP works at the intersection of literacy and the art of performance. By acting in Shakespeare plays, our students inhabit the world of his characters. Through analyzing their characters' objectives and tactics, they engage in sophisticated literary analysis. Our students understand every word they speak on stage; they make meaning together in scene study, independently as they memorize their lines, and with staff-assisted close reading as needed. OCSP students read Shakespeare purposefully and joyfully. Rather than slogging through the assigned pages, our young actors work towards the common goal of performance. Through studying Shakespeare's plays as literature and studying acting as a vocal, physical and psychological craft, our students build confidence in themselves, trust in each other, and empathy for all the characters that make up our world. Alongside working at the intersection of literacy, we focus on the art of performance. We focus on techniques for performance anxiety, proper preparation work, what-to-do strategies when nervous, and how to change lives through performance.

The Students, their antics and their work