Our Mission Statement:


The Oberlin Children’s Shakespeare Project is a children’s theater program dedicated to fostering literacy, confidence, and creativity in Lorain County youth.  By engaging young people as actors in Shakespeare productions and traveling workshops, OCSP opens children’s imaginations, deepens their understanding of ethics and humanity, develops collaborative skills, and strengthens personal confidence.



Our Vision:


The Oberlin Children’s Shakespeare Project is a nonprofit children’s theater dedicated to bringing Shakespeare performance to Lorain County youth. At OCSP, we witness first hand theater’s profound effects on young actors.  Through artistic play, students learn to control their voices and bodies, channeling the frenetic energy of adolescence into artistic expression.  Tackling Shakespeare’s complex language, they develop literacy skills and intellectual confidence.  By studying Shakespeare’s plots in passionate, thoughtful, and sometimes-heated debate, students complicate their understanding of ethics and humanity.  Whether in one-time workshops or semester long productions, OCSP students practice creativity, collaboration, and literacy as they discover Shakespeare’s words together.